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Pulsed power

Why this technology for condenser water treatment is being regarded as the future in the context of chilled water systems

What ails our industry

In this, the second of a six-part series, George Berbari turns his attention to what he describes as the less-than-salubrious state of affairs concerning air-cooled chillers and decorative and ducted-split systems.

A view through the tubes

In Part I of the series on chillers, Dan Mizesko discussed the advantages and disadvantages of enhanced and super-enhanced tubes. In this second part, he looks at their monitoring, maintenance and operational issues.

Unleashing VPF Technology

Centralised air conditioners should ideally provide comfort and energy efficiency. Variable Primary Flow systems coupled with Pressure Independent Balancing and Control Valves deliver on both counts, says Ismail Serhan Ozten of Danfoss, who presents proof to support his assertion.

Chill Out

With temperatures in the Middle East soaring to as high as 54°C during summer months, it doesn’t take rocket science to deduce that air conditioning systems are an absolute necessity in the region. There are certain cases, however, when employing traditional cooling methods makes less economic sense. We have the report.

The compressor market – a paradigm shift

Based on Frost & Sullivan’s research on PD and centrifugal compressors, Virein Kumar Yadlapalli envisages a tilt towards the non-oil and gas segment, which he predicts, will boost the demand for compressors.

The filtration compass

Dr Iyad Al-Attar warns us of the abyss of truth we confront when we deviate from the roadmap for providing clean air and take the fast track to filtration bankruptcy.

Why temporary cooling towers in the Middle East?

Arguing that cooling towers are prone to troubles that can throw an entire plant into turmoil, or worse, shut it down altogether, Daniel B Coday lists the benefits of temporary cooling towers and makes a case for them in the region.

Special: Coat … uncoat

The paint sector constantly endeavours to counter the dual effects of harmful chemicals and wear and tear caused by the region’s environmental pressures. Mustapha Selim, Brand Manager, Caparol paints, throws light on a few of the high-tech solutions to hit the market.

Special: Painting the town Green

The contributions of the paint and powder coatings industry towards Green Building and energy-efficiency efforts have gone a long way in delivering benefits, with heat reflection being one of them, says Yulia Gvozdeva

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