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What ails our industry

In this, the concluding article of a six-part series, George Berbari looks at radiant cooling systems as an attractive option, considering they help save on costs associated with air-handling unit, ducting, filtration, fan and chiller energy Chilled beams, active chilled beams and underfloor radiant cooling are still being used in niche upscale markets, where the […]

What ails our industry

In his continued endeavour to seek answers to what ails our industry, George Berbari in Part five of the series takes a closer look at fresh air AHUs with total heat recovery wheels…  I have played a major role in two ASHRAE publications and the introduction of run-around coil in 1993 and double heat recovery […]

Compensate with condensate

Reusing condensate can lead to considerable savings in energy and water, as well as reducing a building’s carbon footprint. Industry experts offer their views on recovering and reusing air conditioning condensate water. By Rajiv Pillai | Features Writer On March 22, World Water Day, the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon urged the international community to […]

Empower’s DC piping network to cross 225 km by year end

The company claims its pipeline network is among the most efficient globally Emirates Central Cooling Systems Corporation (EMPOWER) has unveiled expansion plans that will see its District Cooling transmission pipeline crossing the 225-kilometre mark in Dubai by the end of 2015. Empower said its pipeline network is among the most efficient globally, because the company […]

Tower Power

With government initiatives, like the Dubai Supreme Council of Energy's on District Cooling, perhaps driving the growth of the cooling tower market in the region, is there a greater sense of optimism? Rajiv Pillai reports on the current state of health of the industry.

What ails our industry

In the first of a six-part series, George Berbari speaks his mind out on what he describes as the ‘miserable current status of the HVAC industry in the GCC’. He begins by training his focus on the District Cooling industry…

A view through the tubes

In Part I of the series on chillers, Dan Mizesko discussed the advantages and disadvantages of enhanced and super-enhanced tubes. In this second part, he looks at their monitoring, maintenance and operational issues.

Chill Out

With temperatures in the Middle East soaring to as high as 54°C during summer months, it doesn’t take rocket science to deduce that air conditioning systems are an absolute necessity in the region. There are certain cases, however, when employing traditional cooling methods makes less economic sense. We have the report.

‘We see there’s a push from the government towards DC’

Jasim Husain Thabet, CEO, Tabreed, speaks to B Surendar about the sector and the best practices being evolved by the company in its endeavour to create new benchmarks.

LV versus MV

Making a case for low voltage motors and equipment over their medium voltage counterparts for District Cooling applications, Nael Al Quqa enumerates their many advantages.

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