Air Conditioning

A view through the tubes

In Part I of the series on chillers, Dan Mizesko discussed the advantages and disadvantages of enhanced and super-enhanced tubes. In this second part, he looks at their monitoring, maintenance and operational issues.

Chill Out

With temperatures in the Middle East soaring to as high as 54°C during summer months, it doesn’t take rocket science to deduce that air conditioning systems are an absolute necessity in the region. There are certain cases, however, when employing traditional cooling methods makes less economic sense. We have the report.

‘We see there’s a push from the government towards DC’

Jasim Husain Thabet, CEO, Tabreed, speaks to B Surendar about the sector and the best practices being evolved by the company in its endeavour to create new benchmarks.

LV versus MV

Making a case for low voltage motors and equipment over their medium voltage counterparts for District Cooling applications, Nael Al Quqa enumerates their many advantages.

“We are seven digits”

Ahmad Bin Shafar, the CEO of Empower, in conversation with B Surendar

Not in my back yard!

Focusing his attention on the much-neglected issue of emission by kitchen exhausts, Dr Iyad Al-Attar discusses why air filtration considerations should be included in the decision-making process in this area.

District cooling: A market poised for strong growth in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Innovative technologies and construction boom will drive the District Cooling market in the Kingdom, says a Frost & Sullivan report.

Achieving efficient Data Centre cooling

As a result of increased IT performance and density of electronic equipment, data centres are becoming more difficult to cool. Blanca Beato Arribas suggests ways to obviate the challenges while working within stipulated parameters of cooling.

I believe ….

Dr Iyad Al-Attar gives a call to the HVAC industry leaders, engineers and governments to pledge anew to work for the cause of creating cleaner indoor environment.

Keeping it Cool, Clean and Safe

Jerome Sanchez turns to industry players to gather their perspectives and insights on various issues surrounding cooling towers.

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