Jacques Sanche» Belimo CEO, Dr Jacques Sanche to leave the company in September Lars van der Haegen set to replace him in July

Country Report

sept2014-countryrep02» The real cost of economic development Kuwait’s economic growth is heavily anchored on to industries that are observed to consume the most energy. We have the report.
aug2014-persp03 Getting Sensitised to Sensors Syed Taqi Hussain offers advice on the maintenance of electrochemical carbon monoxide sensors.
june2014-interv01 ‘We see there's a push from the government towards DC’ Jasim Husain Thabet, CEO, Tabreed, speaks to B Surendar about the sector and the best practices being evolved by the company in its endeavour to create new benchmarks.
aug2014-feature-chill01 A view through the tubes In Part I of the series on chillers, Dan Mizesko discussed the advantages and disadvantages of enhanced and super-enhanced tubes. In this second part, he looks at their monitoring, maintenance and operational issues.
sept2014-case01 Cooling tower filtration – Flushing out the problem Claiming that the largest entertainment complex in the Southern Hemisphere improved cooling tower filtration and reduced maintenance and treatment costs, Glenn Dobbs and Roy McDougall present the case study and describe an end-user’s experience with multiple filtration technologies and their inherent advantages and disadvantages in their cooling tower systems.
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