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Jacques Sanche» Belimo CEO, Dr Jacques Sanche to leave the company in September Lars van der Haegen set to replace him in July

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» COP21: Countdown to Paris - ‘Industry conversations are calling for government intervention on shorter time-lines’ In part I of this series, Christopher LaBorde reviewed how the global HVAC industry was poised for real change. In part II, he addresses reasons why the UAE is the perfect location for transformational HVAC leadership.
George Berbari What ails our industry In this, the second of a six-part series, George Berbari turns his attention to what he describes as the less-than-salubrious state of affairs concerning air-cooled chillers and decorative and ducted-split systems.
sept2014-case01 Cooling tower filtration – Flushing out the problem Claiming that the largest entertainment complex in the Southern Hemisphere improved cooling tower filtration and reduced maintenance and treatment costs, Glenn Dobbs and Roy McDougall present the case study and describe an end-user’s experience with multiple filtration technologies and their inherent advantages and disadvantages in their cooling tower systems.
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