mar2014-endpoint02» The man from extremes M Rajkumar, CEO and Director Engineering of BESTPRO & AHRGLOBAL, has clocked 37 years of HVAC experience across geographical extremes – from Moscow to the Middle East – with a stint in the United States. A firm believer in sustainability, he talks of wanting to contribute to the region through cutting-edge technologies.

Country Report

» Twin perspectives on District Cooling Jerome Sanchez spoke to Bob Miller, Technical Specialist for DC of Marafeq and to Ahmad Shehadeh, Chief Financial Officer and Acting CEO of Qatar Cool.
Coupling - Many Advantages Postulating the view that mechanical couplings offer alternative noise and vibration attenuation solution to traditional methods, Larry Thau demonstrates it with examples.
LV versus MV Making a case for low voltage motors and equipment over their medium voltage counterparts for District Cooling applications, Nael Al Quqa enumerates their many advantages.
The filtration compass Dr Iyad Al-Attar warns us of the abyss of truth we confront when we deviate from the roadmap for providing clean air and take the fast track to filtration bankruptcy.
may2013-feat01 Reaching for the Skies At 632 metres, Shanghai Tower currently under construction will be the tallest building in China on completion in 2015. It is also aiming for LEED Gold certification. Christian von Holten brings us the details.