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mar2014-endpoint02» The man from extremes M Rajkumar, CEO and Director Engineering of BESTPRO & AHRGLOBAL, has clocked 37 years of HVAC experience across geographical extremes – from Moscow to the Middle East – with a stint in the United States. A firm believer in sustainability, he talks of wanting to contribute to the region through cutting-edge technologies.

Country Report

july2014-report01» Down Under on its way up Rising from the ashes of the recent downturn, Australia’s burgeoning industries represent strategic growth areas for HVACR and allied products. Industry players look at the Australian market with much hope. We bring you a special report.
july2014-persp01 Beware of Counterfeiters! Product piracy is a menace plaguing the HVACR industry the world over. Bitzer, Kühlmaschinenbau, warns about the dangers of using cheap imitations and shares information about his company’s ongoing initiative against fraudsters.
‘We see there's a push from the government towards DC’ In the wake of what is seen as a nascent economic upturn in the region, Tabreed, one of the leading District Cooling providers, has registered positive gains in the first quarter. In this context, Jasim Husain Thabet, CEO, Tabreed, speaks to B Surendar about the sector and the best practices being evolved by the company in its endeavour to create new benchmarks.
The compressor market – a paradigm shift Based on Frost & Sullivan’s research on PD and centrifugal compressors, Virein Kumar Yadlapalli envisages a tilt towards the non-oil and gas segment, which he predicts, will boost the demand for compressors.
may2013-feat01 Reaching for the Skies At 632 metres, Shanghai Tower currently under construction will be the tallest building in China on completion in 2015. It is also aiming for LEED Gold certification. Christian von Holten brings us the details.