Food Chain Doha 2014


mar2014-endpoint02» The man from extremes M Rajkumar, CEO and Director Engineering of BESTPRO & AHRGLOBAL, has clocked 37 years of HVAC experience across geographical extremes – from Moscow to the Middle East – with a stint in the United States. A firm believer in sustainability, he talks of wanting to contribute to the region through cutting-edge technologies.

Country Report

july2014-report01» Down Under on its way up Rising from the ashes of the recent downturn, Australia’s burgeoning industries represent strategic growth areas for HVACR and allied products. Industry players look at the Australian market with much hope. We bring you a special report.
aug2014-persp03 Getting Sensitised to Sensors Syed Taqi Hussain offers advice on the maintenance of electrochemical carbon monoxide sensors.
june2014-interv01 ‘We see there's a push from the government towards DC’ Jasim Husain Thabet, CEO, Tabreed, speaks to B Surendar about the sector and the best practices being evolved by the company in its endeavour to create new benchmarks.
aug2014-feature-chill01 A view through the tubes In Part I of the series on chillers, Dan Mizesko discussed the advantages and disadvantages of enhanced and super-enhanced tubes. In this second part, he looks at their monitoring, maintenance and operational issues.
aug2014-case01 Re-creating a recreation centre Wulf Recreation Center in Colorado needed a renovation that included a new indoor pool dehumidifier and HVAC equipment. We bring you the case study.