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"Equating 'electricity' with 'energy' is leading to complacency. We may be racing down the pathway towards a 100% renewable electricity future, but when it comes to heating, cooling and transport, we are coasting along as if we had all the time in the world. Sadly, we don't." — Rana Adib, Executive Secretary, REN21



  • "As consumption of resources keep rising at unprecedented rates, it is important to remember these resources are non-replenishable. Irresponsible consumption and various practices that pollute the environment can destroy them, thereby depriving future generations of the benefits our ancestors passed on to us. We are blessed with rich biodiversity in the Arabian Gulf, which houses a diverse marine ecosystem. Plastic pollution has emerged as one of the biggest environmental challenges of our time. It is high time we address the harmful effects of single-use plastic and adopt lifestyles that are much more in harmony with nature." — Ali Al Jassim, CEO, Etihad ESCO
  • "By renovating a building you can create a better indoor environment, which will increase the productivity of people. You may have fewer sick days. Even improving the indoor environment in our homes can influence the productivity at the workplace." | Read more » — Bjarne Olesen, President, ASHRAE
  • "Saudi Arabia has proposed to phase out HCFCs in foam insulation, effective 2018. Most of the industry is looking for the opportunity to leapfrog directly from HCFCs to HFOs, skipping HFCs, because it’s a long-term solution and helps them meet energy standards." | Read more » — Amir Naqvi, Regional Marketing Leader, Honeywell Fluorine Products, Middle East, Turkey and Africa
  • "As scientists, we have a responsibility to do more in science education; we cannot bury core messages in technical language. There is a willingness among the people to learn; it is just covered in extremely technical language that adds a barrier; it becomes a lot harder to engage and to get people to jump on its use." | Read more » — Dr Nicolette Louissaint, President of Healthcare Ready
  • "When it comes to unused potential for saving energy, buildings can’t be beat: They are responsible for 28% of the world’s energy consumption, a figure that rises to 45%, when only Western countries are taken into consideration." | Read more » — Dr Gabriele Gärtner, Head of Applied Technology -Thermal Insulation, Evonik
  • "VRF, as such, requires more of a united engineering approach than product approach to convince the consultant or you will end up as BMS, which has been around for long but has been misused" | Read more » — Dr P R Jagannathan, Manager, Sustainability, Trakhees
  • "Many buildings were not built based on lifetime running costs or the impact they could have on the environment, but rather how quickly they could deliver a return on investment. It is now possible using retrofit technologies to reduce energy consumption, resulting in lower running costs and subsequent environmental impact." | Read more » — Colin Bridges, Business Development Manager (Middle East), Belimo Automation
  • "We connect with relevant stakeholders when it comes to drafting policies. We also conduct workshops, meetings and share questionnaires. A balanced-elastic input is essential for an objective and balanced output." | Read more » — Faisal Rashid, Director of Demand Side Management, Dubai Supreme Council of Energy

Country Reports

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Innovation paving the way for independence

In Taiwan, there is a sense of urgency among stakeholders in the renewable energy sector to develop a more robust energy mix to limit dependence on others. With national targets driving the uptake of solar power, companies are capitalising on expertise in manufacturing to meet the country’s objectives and to position themselves as international players in the fields of insulation and solar glass. Hannah Jo Uy has the story…

Market Features

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Transferring the heat

How is the heat exchanger market progressing in the Middle East region? How influential are factors like compact design and the selection of the right type of metal for the base materials in increasing sales for new construction and building-retrofit projects? Benwen Lopez reports.


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The price of compromising on IAQ

Highlighting that uncontrolled movement of air within a building not only compromises the design intent of the HVAC system but also increases pollutants in a building that affect our mental and physical well-being, David O’Riley makes a case for continuous monitoring to obtain real-time data to enable remedial action.Expressing optimism, Khuldoon Hameed of TransGulf Electromechanical discusses opportunities for growth for the HVAC industry in the GCC region

Editorial Campaign

IEQ in Healthcare

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‘The plan is to have all MoH hospitals JCI-certified by 2020’

Imran Ahmed, Senior Mechanical Engineer of the Engineering and Maintenance Department at Al Qassimi Hospital, talks about the different projects in progress at the Sharjah-based facility run by the UAE Ministry of Health & Prevention, as it prepares to apply for JCI accreditation.

Energy Efficiency

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Should going green be incentivised?

Saying that it should be, Marcos Bish of Summertown Interiors talks about what can entice private companies to adopt sustainable measures.


Reflections on the HVAC Industry

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What ails our industry – Part IV

In this, the fourth of a six-part series, George Berbari focuses on the air side of things, highlighting the typical design and manufacturing mistakes related to FCUs and AHUs, and how they are impacting energy efficiency and indoor environmental quality (IEQ) in the GCC region



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Hey, let’s go to the movies!

The matinee idols who rule the hearts of millions owe their stardom to air conditioners, which made going to the cinemas cool.


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